PQ400 guga double ahaatid biiyaha

Description Gaaban:

Description: PQ400 double springs Nozzle tester Allows to test and to calibrate diesel double springs injectors. Equipment with a manometric gauge for internal pressure regurlation One shot and continuous spraying test rate of oil pressure and air pressure is 50:1

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PQ400 ilo double biiyaha ahaatid

Kuu ogolaanayaa in aad tijaabiso iyo in iiraacshay naaftada injectors ilo double.

Qalabka la eeg a manometric for gudaha

regurlation cadaadis

Mid ka mid ah tallaalka iyo baaritaanka ku xereen joogtada ah

heerka cadaadiska saliid iyo cadaadiska hawada waa 50: 1

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